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Books Montage

Cross Curricular Teachers Guide
(size: 297 x 210 mm)

The Teachers Notes that accompanied the 'Big Book' resource gave tips, ideas, discussions and activities covering road safety, literacy, PSHE and citizenship. This additional comprehensive cross curricular guide complements those teachers notes, covering maths, geography, ICT, science, history, and art and design in the same way.

Little Books

Little Book Set (individual book size: 210 x 148 mm)

A boxed set of 26 small books, using the short stories and illustrations from the big books, with additional illustrations and a parents guidance section at the back.
One story per book, all contained in a sturdy slip case.

Teachers Notes Cover and Spread

Interactive Whiteboard CD

This exciting CD brings the 26 short stories to interactive whiteboard format. Hear the stories read whilst following the words on screen, or play The Letter Jumble game.
CD comes with comprehensive 'How to use' booklet.

Work Card Set

Work Card Set

This set has been developed as extension work for the
Big Book Resource pack. It provides ready to use sentence cards, flashcards and photocopiable worksheets for the busy teacher, and provides opportunities for parent helpers or teaching assistants to have tested, ready available material to use. The set supports the full range of The a-z of Traffic Tales resources.