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The a-z of Traffic Tales Big Book pack
A large colourful resource consisting of 6 big books, a comprehencive teachers guide and alphabet frieze, all contained in a large red polypropylene carry case.

Books Montage

6 big books (size: 480 x 344 mm)

For class, group or individual use

  • Book 1: a-d
  • Book 2: e-i
  • Book 3: j-m
  • Book 4: n-q
  • Book 5: r-v
  • Book 6: w-z

open book of one of the stories in the big booksFor each letter of the alphabet there is an engaging short story with large, colourful, lively pictures. Each story is written in the past tense to allow greater variety of vocabulary, but at the base of each page the story is encapsulated in a simple sentence in the present tense for less able readers.

Teachers Notes Cover and Spread

Teacher's Notes (size: 297 x 210 mm)

The big books are supported by a comprehensive teachers guide, crammed with literacy ideas, discussion points, key words, a range of suggested activities for citizenship, and detailed information on relevant road safety messages, together with tips and ideas.

Alphabet Frieze
(size: in 4 parts, each part 210 x 915 mm)

A large colourful alphabet frieze with pictures and words for display and further stimulation.

Polypropylene walletPolypropylene Carry Case (size: 640 x 970 mm)

To hold all the material safely!

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