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Summary of the evaluation

The a-z of Traffic Tales was developed over a two year period. The stories, copy and content, the illustrations, the messages and the teacher extension notes for suggested activities were all tested, trialed and amended in collaboration with teachers, advisors, health and safety, and road safety professionals, throughout that time.

In November 2005, Transport for London (TfL) launched this new resource and distributed it free to all London primary schools.

The resource is a comprehensive set of materials aimed at 5–7 year olds, taking key road safety and citizenship issues relevant for this age group and introducing them through literacy. It takes the form of 6 Big Books, together with teacher’s guide and an alphabet frieze, all enclosed within a polypropylene carry case.

This report presents research findings compiled from a short questionnaire included within each free resource sent to the schools. The questionnaire sought both quantitative and qualitative responses, in order to assess the resource’s appeal, quality and educational usefulness.

Although receipt of questionnaires is still ongoing, this report analyses the findings to date at the end of April 2006.

The overwhelming conclusion is that The a-z of Traffic Tales resource has been received outstandingly positively by schools, and has been found by teachers to be an excellent resource, achieving its objectives of providing a stimulus to key road safety and citizenship issues through literacy, and enabling them to actively include follow-up work within the curriculum.

Question 1

Respondents were asked whether they or their school would actually use the resource that they had received. An overwhelming 99% of respondents stated that they would use The a–z of Traffic Tales resource.

Question 2

Respondents were asked whether they thought that there should be anything different about the resource. The majority, approximately 80%, of respondents to the question, thought that the resource was fine as it was. However, around 20% felt that an addition could be made.

Question 3

Teachers were asked whether they felt any other materials would support the resource as additional extras.

49% of respondents felt that no additional materials were actually needed; it was sufficient as a stand alone resource. However, 51% of those who answered this question felt there were other additional materials that could support the resource. The most common suggestions were for little books of the individual stories, and interactive white board resources.

Question 4

Respondents were asked whether they considered that the resource tied in adequately with the curriculum for literacy, PSHE and Citizenship.

The overwhelming majority, 98%, thought that the resource incorporates literacy, citizenship and PSHE successfully. Teachers praised the resource, describing it as excellent and a useful stimulus for further ongoing work.

Question 5

Respondents were asked whether they would like anything else to be added to incorporate the National Curriculum. The majority, 81%, stated that it was not necessary to incorporate other subject areas into the resource, whilst 19% stated that other cross curriculum material could be an additional extra.

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