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Once familiar with stories and messages this would be an invaluable resource for frequent use in schools.

The resource highlights that road safety is for all - different cultures, different backgrounds, making the resource fully accessible.

A super resource. My KS1 teachers love it.

My children are enjoying this resource pack daily.

It's a lovely child friendly resource.

On the day it was received, 4 local PC's / community officers were in school talking about safe routes / walking. They were very impressed.

It received lots of positive comments in the staffroom.

Great idea! Stories that children can easily relate to, especially with the wide range of ethnic groups that are represented.

I like the way Diwali is incorporated and in the letter 'c' the cartoon crash and the crash depicted on the news has been contrasted.

Appears to be an excellent resource addressing all aspects (some in a fairly hard hitting manner) in an appropriate way.

The large picture books are useful in that either the long or short story version can be used.

The books are great - engaging children and encouraging good language skills. Wonderful illustrations.

The resource is excellent; the big book is good with good stories. The illustrations in the book are fantastic and the teacher's book is useful as well.


A well produced resource, colourful, interesting and stimulating.

Presentation of resources are of a high standard, colourful and appealing.

The resource is wonderfully presented and has been produced to a high standard.

Brilliant alphabet frieze.

A very visual resource.

It is bright, interesting and eye catching.


I would use this as part of the PSHE cycle of teaching points, I would also use it to support literacy and on an adhoc basis. Super!

Liked the PSHE and literacy ideas in the teachers guide and the colourful alphabet chart will help to reinforce basic learning.

We are working on Every Child Matters. as a citizenship project we plan to lean heavily on your fantastic resources, thank you very much.

Enterprising and effective way of linking PSHE road safety into curriculum by maximising literacy links.

A very well planned resource to develop road safety awareness in the context of literacy, citizenship and PSHE.

A very well presented resource and easy to incorporate in the curriculum.

An excellent cross curricular resource.

A lovely resource for PSHE and road safety - there is very little available for young children. I like the way the same characters are used throughout the resource.